Time Out: interview

Questions, questions, questions.

So here’s my emailinterview (einterview?) with Time Out, all about DVD addiction (Deevadeection?)

PDF of the actual item here: Time Out DVD interview

And below, the full unexpurgated version of the original Q&A, unedited due to reasons of space.

How many DVDs have you got? And how do you organise them?
This question is blatantly an aide for potential burglars. I’m not answering it. Plus: I don’t organise them.

What do you tell people your favourite DVD is? What is it really?
The films of Yuri Norstein, animation genius.

Tale of Tales

If I lost it I’d scream like a toddler. Wanky but true.

What’s on the tourbus?
My girlfriend and I watch ’24′ on the train. Makes you very twitchy. I once karate-chopped a drinks trolley.

What DVDs have you worn out with watching?
‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Futurama’, series 3 of ‘Doctor Who’.

And which would you most like to have made yourself?
‘The Third Man’. Funny, luminous and steeped in death, all at once.

What’s the most embarrassing DVD in your collection?
I have a great, enduring love for Keanu. Does that tell you enough?

How has your work been influenced by your DVDs?
Archives in themselves are a big influence. I’m about to direct a film called ‘All My Dreams On VHS’.

What was the last DVD you cried to?
When re-watching ‘The Singing Detective’. Those bloody, bloody songs.

What currently unavailable DVD would you like to own?
I’d like to see Tom Waits’ concert film ‘Big Time’ out in the big, bad world.

What’s the best DVD you’ve received as a gift?
The complete films of Tarkovsky. It’s a Hong Kong import: the discs are packaged in a little ring-binder.


How many DVDs in your collection have you yet to watch?
Ouch. About 20. If you count the Laurel & Hardy box set, about 45.