Astronaut: descent pattern

How to fake an astronomical image with 1) a profile spotlight and 2) my big bald heed:


Little. Furry. Planet.

Yeah, so, Astronaut at Battersea Arts Centre? It all went very well, thanks for asking. The BAC is an immensely pleasant place to perform in, lovely people, great vibe… even with the rather spooky remnants of Punchdrunk‘s production of The Masque Of The Red Death hanging around here and there, prompting the feeling that Vincent Price might be stalking the corridors, just around the corner, about to glide towards you with his HAUNTED EYES.

A couple more pics, courtesy of Tanuja Amarasuriya:


Tanuja also gave me a fantastic rehearsal note: “Remember — smile when you’re being Neil. Don’t smile when you’re being Buzz.”

Historical evidence would probably have it the other way round. What the hell.


Yet again, the show made people cry. Having said that, wearing a thick winter coat on the two hottest days of the year so far, I pretty much made myself cry.

On both nights the audience were wonderfully appreciative. Thanks to BAC and all who came, especially given that the weather meant you could have fried eggs on the pavement.

I’m now mulling over options as to where to take Astronaut next. In the meantime, for those of you who would like to immerse themselves further in the strange, minimal, and sometimes hilariously mundane poetry of the moon landings, click here.

05 13 41 23 CMP This thing … make a great …

05 13 42 04 CDR Picked up the CSM problem.

05 13 42 38 CMP I’ve never thought about it.

05 13 42 50 CDR …?

05 13 42 51 CMP No.

05 13 42 54 LMP All at once.

05 13 43 19 CDR None of them.

05 13 44 31 CDR Yes.

05 13 44 44 CDR … long time.

05 13 44 51 CMP It’s …?

05 13 45 34 CDR You got something …?

05 13 45 38 CMP Yes. Yes, sir. Purring across the deep. Okay. Look at that.

05 lh 57 22 CDR Yes. We can get VERB 64 before we come over the hill and see what looks good.

05 14 57 28 LMP Okay. LOS.