Astronaut: lavender hill mob


My theatre piece Astronaut, (all 16 minutes 48 seconds of it) is on at BAC, Lavender Hill, London this week. It’s showing at 9pm on Thurs 8th and Fri 9th of May. The same dates see BAC’s BURST festival play host to my old muckers Bodies In Flight and an intriguing-sounding piece by choreographer Doris Uhlich. The rest of BURST looks just as intriguing.

Apparently I’m also going to be in Time Out London this week, interviewed for their DVD section as an ‘up and coming’ artist. Nice to know you can still be ‘up and coming’ when your joints seize up most mornings.

Astronaut, like my song Sick Of Love, has become one of those ideas that I revisit periodically, almost using it as a marker of how I’m developing as an artist. I first presented it over ten million years ago as a GCSE student and it has mutated and hopped between genres and disciplines each time it’s emerged. It’s been a piece of music, a dramatic monologue, a scratch installation, a short story… it’s involved scrap metal, dry ice, radio mics and dictaphones. I think there’s only one thing it’s consistently contained, and that’s the line “I can’t see the moon.”

Anyhoo, audiences have described it as ‘lyrical’, ‘musical’, ‘heartbreaking’, and ‘mesmerising.’ Come give me your own quotes.

It’s also only 3 quid. Never let it be said that I’m anything other than cheap.