VHS: diary one, the script

With the first European screening of all my dreams on VHS due in Romania this April, I thought I’d jot down a quick diary of its production for anyone remotely interested.

Erica watches TV

Come with me now to the heady, giddy days of November 2006, when you could still buy a pint for less than a limb, and the speedy collapse of civilisation appeared slightly less likely.

It’s sometime during those halcyon days that I first chat to George Chan. Along with Deep Sehgal and David Olusoga, George is a founder of BBC Film Lab, an organisation run by BBC staff in their spare time and dedicated to producing short dramas. To date Film Lab has been making “short shorts”, 90 seconds long for the most part, within the parameters set by the annual Depict competition. George mentions that they’re looking for slightly longer, script-led works. He gives me the brief: around 10 minutes in length; minimal cast and locations; no car chases, werewolves, or daisy-chain-explosions of the minor moons of Jupiter that subsequently knock the Earth off its orbit thereby sending our fragile planet spiraling, screaming, into the sun. That sort of deal. Have I got any ideas that might do the trick?


Man posts to internet: tumbleweed


The image above shows the artist Claire Blundell Jones introducing tumbleweed to the Finnish landscape. Picture by me, taken on a cold misty morning in the town of Kuopio.

Posted for why? Fuh’pause I have uploaded some WRITING to the INTERNET, and you can find it hey-orr, or by clicking on the “Sample: writing” link elsewhere on this page.

I hope to chuck more PDFs online as time goes by, but for the moment there’s a screenplay, some critical writing, an exercise in pop music-based masochism and an account of attending the wonderful festival that the pictured Ms Blundell Jones was part of in 2007.