VHS: bloody hell


The precariously stacked cassettes pictured above are part of All My Dreams on VHS, a short film I’m writing / directing at the moment. I’m hoping it will clock in at something like 10 minutes long. And I say ‘hoping’ because at the moment we’re editing, and about to record and compose the score (yup, in that order. I’m aiming to get some cut-and-splice results that sound a little bit like The Books.)

So we shot the film in early July, in and around a flat in north Bristol, with two truly excellent, inventive actors and a marvellous crew who gave up a whole weekend to be there. Everyone worked astoundingly hard: normally you’d be lucky to get through three pages of screenplay a day… in our case we battled through six.


Time Out: interview

Questions, questions, questions.

So here’s my emailinterview (einterview?) with Time Out, all about DVD addiction (Deevadeection?)

PDF of the actual item here: Time Out DVD interview

And below, the full unexpurgated version of the original Q&A, unedited due to reasons of space.

How many DVDs have you got? And how do you organise them?
This question is blatantly an aide for potential burglars. I’m not answering it. Plus: I don’t organise them.

What do you tell people your favourite DVD is? What is it really?
The films of Yuri Norstein, animation genius.

Tale of Tales

If I lost it I’d scream like a toddler. Wanky but true.


I Will Do It For Science: a trailer

(May take a while to load. Whilst it’s doing so, why not amuse yourself by walking into the middle of the street and shouting at people? Trust me, it’s just about as much fun as you can possibly have. In fact, I’m doing it right now.)

If your silly old computer has a hard time with the flash encoded version above, there’s always good old YouTube.

Starring the wonderful Rebecca Palmer and Ray McBride, this is a teaser for a short film that’s been roughly eight years in the making now. It’s five minutes and thirty nine seconds long.The script was finished in late 2000; but after shooting the bulk of the material over a very fun week in summer 2001 with Ray and Becca, it became screamingly obvious that the rest of the film as written called for resources beyond our means.

So this trailer was made a couple of years back, largely in an attempt to keep the project alive, and partly to mess about with some lovely material that had been made available online by BBC Creative Archive. It was seen by Alan Yentob, Mark Thompson and Jana Bennett at the BBC, amongst others, and won me a placement on the production of Doctor Who (about which: more later.)

We now think we’ve got a way of completing I Will Do It For Science; and with any luck there’ll be a finished 10 minute short sometime before the second coming of Christ wipes all our hard-drives.